bakabot!flex [ check <@user> | board | <@user> )

Shows and adds flex to the current user


Shows this Message

bakabot!prefix [ add <prefix> | remove <prefix> | show ]

_add_: Adds a prefix to this server
_remove_: Removes a prefix for this server
_show_: Shows all configured prefixes for this server

> NOTE: Prefixes can only be a single (continuous) piece of text,
> for example `!`, `;`, `bb-` but not `hello there`
> `bakabot!` is a globally available prefix.

Set-up prefixes can be added in before a command instead of `bakabot!`;
for example, to access the help command, you can use bakabot!help

bakabot!connect4 @OtherUser

Starts a game of connect4 with another user

bakabot!escalation [ <base-timeout> <delta> | ( dc | disconnect | exit ) ]

_<base-timeout>_ The base timeout between airhorns
_<delta>_ Sets the Offset around base-timeout
e.g. base-timeout = 30, delta = 5 means that airhorns will be played between 25 and 35 seconds
_NOTE:_ There is a minimum of 2.5 seconds delay that is enforced server-side
_dc | disconnect | exit_ Disconnects the bot from your current channel

_For attribution of audio files, see